Investing in Electricity

The advantages of investing in electricity are many. Because almost everyone needs it, the demand is unlikely to decrease. In fact, many experts believe that demand will increase by 35% by 2030. 



Why investing in electricity

The current electricity market offers a lot of attractive opportunities for investors while also promising significant returns. Population growth in the coming years is expected to surge and thus increase the demand for electricity supply. This seems a promising scenario for the electricity market. The need for renewable energy is expected to rise in proportion to the growth of the urban cities. The emerging countries in the electricity markets are promising as they are not already hassled with old infrastructure. This makes it relatively easy to build newer and faster systems of infrastructure for supplying electricity. Electricity is not only a source of consumption; it is also a means of establishing prosperity, especially for the developing countries. Industries, power plants, various development projects and cities need electricity to survive and flourish. This fact is more prominent in emerging electricity markets, thus ensuring sustained, steady and profitable returns for investors in the electricity market. Most of the countries in the emerging electricity market have abundant resources such as biomass, geothermal resources, solar power and water bodies to set up electricity generating plants. The electricity market, thus promises to be a profitable market for investors. Here, an investor not only gain significant returns from their investments, but also contributes towards a clean, green and sustainable planet.

Minimum & Maximum Secure Investment

1 year - $1,000 Investment + $25 a month cash flow / per year $300 in return 

1 year - $2,000 Investment + $35 a month cash flow / per year $420 in return

1 year - $3,000 Investment + $45 a month cash flow / per year $540 in return

1 year - $4,000 Investment + $55 a month cash flow / per year $660 in return

1 year - $5,000 Investment + $60 a month cash flow / per year $720 in return