Can I Finance Electrical Installations?


Paying for electrical repairs can be quite expensive, which is why many homeowners find themselves looking for ways to finance the repairs that they need. If you need help with your electrical system, you should consider the most cost effective payment options.


Why Consider Financing Options?
Electrical problems can result in electrical fires and put your home at risk, so you cannot afford to avoid taking care of your home’s electrical system. Plus, the longer you wait to repair a problem, the more you might find that the job costs. Thankfully, Central Power accepts all major credit cards, which makes paying your bill easier to handle. If you need more cash than you currently have available, or you need a brand new electrical system, you might talk with your bank about taking out a loan.


Set up a Maintenance Service Plan

Maintenance service plans help homeowners and property owners manage and maintain electrical systems at reduced costs. Central Power's, Power Club Membership program includes annual electrical system checkups and inspections, all for a flat monthly rate. As part of the maintenance service plan, your electrical system will undergo an intensive safety inspection as well as one panel rejuvenation, plus any additional service required to keep your system operating at its best.


Find Specials, Discounts and Coupons for Maximum Savings

Here at Central Power, we know that the cost of home renovations is high, which is why we offer discounts for clients right on our website. You’ll find coupons for a free inspection or a certain percentage off the total cost of the job. Download the coupon and present it when we get to work. We’ll apply that coupon to your total price.


Contact Central Power for Electrical Repairs
With coupons and financing options, you can take care of all your electrical problems quickly and easily. Contact us today for an initial inspection of your home. Let our trained electricians discover the cause of all your electrical problems. You can then work with us to get the financing that you need to pay for the repairs your home needs.

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